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  • More than 26 China UCO suppliers collapsed in 2018
           After a thorough verification and confirmation with local government authories, STIN supplier auditing team concluded that following suppliers have suspended UCO business or collapsed. Please further audit them if you'd like to work with them in China
  • Key features on Chinese used cooking oil market
           China is one of the largest UCO (WCO) producers on the globe due to its huge population on the globe. Almost each province has their own recycling policies and systems to collect UCO.
  • STIN UCO attended ISCC conference in Shanghai
           Mr. Justin Yuan, CEO of STIN Group, was invited to delivery a speech on China UCO Market and Outlook at a conference held by ISCC in Shanghai in Nov 2017.
  • What we should snow about 'gutter oil'
    It was reported earlier by Chinese mainland media that unscrupulous merchants in theMainland had blended all kinds of inferior quality oil, like hogwash oil, waste fried oil, food offal and waste grease from related enterprises (collectively known as 'Gutter Oil')
  • Waste oil recycling scheme hotting up
    A SCHEME encouraging residents to recycle cooking oil has proved a success, creating enough energy in a year to make two million cups of tea.
  • Utah law encourages biodiesel use
    Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed several clean air bills into law recently, one of which (H.R. 5) is a resolution that encourages biodiesel use.
  • Regulations aim to control used oils
    The government unveiled a proposed regulatory regime on Tuesday to regulate the manufacture and recycling of edible oils in Hong Kong.
  • Ireland imports used cooking oil to meet EU target
    An Taisce, The National Trust for Ireland, has raised serious fears over the European Union's 'unsustainable' biofuels policy.
  • China’s illegal gutter-oil trade could be used to power flights
    A Hainan Airlines Boeing 737 carrying 156 passengers and eight crew took off in Shanghai and landed safely in Beijing on March 21, powered by a 50-50 blend of used cooking oil and normal jet fuel.
  • China, US aircraft makers plan to convert cooking oil into jet fuel
    Two aircraft manufacturers plan to convert used cooking oil in China into an alternative source of jet fuel.On Wednesday, the Chicago-based Boeing Co and the Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (COMAC) opened the China-US Aviation Biofuel Pilot Project, a demonstration facility in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.
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