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Key features on Chinese used cooking oil market
    China is one of the largest UCO (WCO) producers on the globe due to its huge population on the globe. Almost each province has their own recycling policies and systems to collect UCO. As for the UCO business, Hebei,Shandong, Guangdong and Jiangsu etc play an more important role in exporting in China. Here are some key features regarding UCO business at our end: 

1. Major bases and production capacity

The main producing areas of UCO in China are located in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, Hebei and Shandong etc and the UCO specifications from each supplier can be different case by case.Each supplier is able to produce 1000 - 2000 tons of waste or used cooking oil per month at present.

2. ISCC suppliers

So far, more than 50 suppliers have ISCC certificates here in China but very few of them are qualified for Export market at present. Lots of them have already paused their production due to the pollution or shortage of raw materials. With weak and slumping domestic markets, more and more Chinese UCO collector and factories will apply for ISCC certificates to export UCO to European markets.

3. Price gap

Currently The Chinese UCO export price is normally 30-50 EUR lower than that of normal UCO in Europe per ton. But the Chinese producers do not always closely follow the European market of UCO due to the complex situation of domestic market.

4. Export market

In China, The UCO business is normally confirmed at the table, that is to say, the best and final price cannot be confirmed on the phone or in the email. The suppliers would love to have a face to face business discussion with you or your representative first before they offer you a bottom price. Another point is that most of UCO suppliers do not have its export department and most of the suppliers you met online are typical trade companies and LOT of them are NOT qualified as well. 

STIN UCO focuses on the sourcing and management of UCO suppliers here in China, if you are interested in working together with us, please have a look at our website: www.chinausedcookingoil.com or send an email to me: mark@stingroup.com.cn